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What Factors Affect the Formation of Varicose Veins?

Last updated 6 years ago

Varicose veins are an incredibly common medical condition, in part because there are so many contributing factors that can cause varicose veins to develop. Some are elements that you control, and others are simply a part of your nature. Still, you can reduce your chances of developing varicose veins by increasing your awareness of how they form. Here are some of the leading factors behind varicose vein formation:

  • Sedentary lifestyle: With the prevalence of desk jobs and a car-centric culture, physical activity is becoming less incorporated into the daily lives of most individuals. Through extended periods of sitting down without any relief for stretching or exercising, you could be keeping your blood from circulating properly. Adding in any type of aerobic exercise to your routine 3-4 times per week will significantly improve your circulatory health and keep the blood moving through your legs.
  • Overweight and obesity: Any extra pounds on your body will put direct pressure on the veins in your lower body, so it is important to maintain a healthy weight. In addition to exercise, you should focus on eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated. Even losing five to ten pounds can make a big impact on the health of your veins.
  • Hormonal changes: Women are more likely than men to get varicose veins because their bodies experience greater hormonal fluctuations that can reduce the strength of the vein walls. Pregnancy in particular is a high-risk time for women in regards to varicose veins, as the combination of extra body weight and hormonal shifts is exceptionally hard on the body.

For more information on the formation of varicose veins, visit Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan. We offer several minimally invasive treatment options along with comprehensive patient education to eliminate varicose veins of all types. Contact us on our website or call (212) 204-6501 to make an appointment with one of our board-certified physicians.


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