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How Duplex Ultrasound Vein Mapping Works

Last updated 6 years ago

While spider veins and some varicose veins in the legs and face are easy to see, other vein problems lie far beneath the skins surface. In situations such as these, more effort is needed to make an accurate diagnosis of vascular conditions and determine the best treatment method.

Enter duplex ultrasound vein mapping; a relatively new technological means of getting to the root of a patient’s vein problems.

  • What it Does

As indicated by its name, the duplex mapping system relies on ultrasonic technology to assess the location and condition of the veins within the legs. Sound waves are sent into a specific area of the leg and images are produced based on what they encounter therein. As a result, dermatologists and vein doctors can identify the structure, diameter, and direction of blood flow within even the deepest veins.

  • Why it is Used

Vein experts utilizing duplex ultrasound vein mapping can identify, with a great deal of accuracy, any signs of improper blood flow or disease within the veins of the leg. More specifically, the procedure allows them to:

  • Locate abnormally large veins or swollen vein sections
  • Identify signs of “backward flow,” which would indicate the existence of faulty blood vessel valves
  • Locate the position of blood clots in the veins

In the end, this information can be used to formulate an appropriate means of treating symptoms, such as leg swelling and pain that would otherwise have had no identifiable origin.

Procedural Details

For those anxious about any discomfort or pain during medical procedures, duplex ultrasonic vein mapping is a welcome relief. The procedure itself is non-invasive, requires no incisions or the use of abrasive equipment, and usually takes no longer than thirty minutes to complete.

For more information about duplex ultrasound vein mapping, call Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan at (212) 204-6501. We can discuss the procedure with you in more detail and explain how it has been helpful during both the diagnostic and treatment phases.


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