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Increased Risk For Varicose Veins

Last updated 6 years ago

Whereas some medical conditions happen only to people of a certain age, size, or gender – varicose veins can happen to relatively anyone, even those of us who are very health conscious. Currently, there are 80 million Americans suffering from varicose or spider veins.  According to VenaCure EVLT online, 40% of all women and 25% of all men in America suffer from varicose veins. Once we reach the age of 50, one in two Americans will develop varicose or spider veins, some of which are painful and others that are just cosmetically unpleasing.

Since not all varicose veins pose a threat to a person’s health, most people simply ignore the veins and look past their appearance. The good news however, is that there are several various varicose vein treatments and procedures to get rid of these veins – whether they are just a cosmetic issue or if they are indeed painful and dangerous to your overall health.

Read below to see what may be contributing to your risk of developing varicose veins:

  • Weight – As we all know, being overweight is one of the most dangerous risks regarding your overall health. In addition to so many other things, excess weight on your body causes strain and pressure on your legs and feet, causing your veins to work harder to push blood throughout your body.
  • Exercise - One of the main ingredients to reducing your risk for varicose veins is regular exercise and movement of your body. Working in tandem with your weight, exercise will help you keep excess weight off and it will also provide a healthy blood flow throughout your body, putting you at less risk of blood clots and ultimately, varicose veins. Also, be sure to place extra emphasis on exercise if you sit or stand for extended periods of time. It is important to both work and relax your body and blood flow.
  • Age – Just as other parts of your body tire and weaken with age, your veins do too. As you age, the ability of your veins to support all the blood flow throughout your body may weaken – resulting in veins to appear on the surface of your legs and feet.
  • Pregnancy – With the added weight a woman will gain during pregnancy and the decrease of exercise and regular body movement, the chance of developing varicose veins during pregnancy increases especially if you’ve had more than one pregnancy.
  • Genetics – If vein disease is common among members within your family, you are at a higher risk of developing varicose veins. Ask your parents and grandparents if they’ve suffered from veins to compare similarities among each member and to gain insight as to what they did to treat their varicose veins.

Even if you exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and do all the right things to prevent varicose veins from appearing, you still might notice a vein or two appear over time. This is natural and comes with age. At Advanced Varicose Vein Treatments of Manhattan, we will provide a free consultation and screening to determine the severity of your veins and which varicose vein treatment option will best fit your body. Call us today at (917) 720-4680 to speak to one of our specialists.


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